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eFileCabinet Document Management by Uni-Data

eFileCabinet: Document Management made easy

Uni-Data's Cloud Computing for Small Business is greatly enhanced by the powerful document management suite, eFileCabinet.


eFileCabinet offers a suite of Electronic Content Management (ECM) products and services that help businesses and individuals work quicker, smarter and more collaboratively. More than 22,000 users worldwide rely on eFileCabinet solutions to store, share and protect their valuable and confidential business data assets.Combined with the security, reliability and cost savings derived from Uni-Data CLoud Computing for Small Business-it's a "killer app" for your business!


Uni-Data's Cloud provides security and reliability to Small Business, Franchises and Accounting and Tax Professionals in a shared terminal server environment, drawing on the power of today's top cloud computing and virtualization technologies to make it all possible.


Click to watch a video introduction to eFileCabinet - QuickBooks Integration!

With eFileCabinet's integration with QuickBooks, you're able to link customers, vendors, invoices, bills and more between eFileCabinet's electronic document management software and QuickBooks. With the click of a button, all profile/meta data and supporting documents associated with a transaction in QuickBooks can be stored in eFileCabinet. 

Creating vendor and customer drawers inside eFileCabinet only takes seconds with our integration. Identifying information called profile data is pulled from QuickBooks and transferred to eFileCabinet for you, no duplicate data entry required. Profile data includes items such as invoice numbers, check numbers, vendor names and more. Saving this information into eFileCabinet allows you to search for these keywords and retrieve files quickly. Our "Link eFileCabinet to QuickBooks" window appears after you save a transaction in QuickBooks, asking if you have any supporting documents such as a printed bill, email, etc that you would like to associate with that record. Scan, browse or search eFileCabinet for the document and then hit attach. It's that easy! 



Industry Benefits of Uni-Data eFileCabinet Hosting and Cloud Computing


Many types of companies stand to benefit from a reasoned approach to document management, and here are a few examples.


Small Business and Franchises

Electronic Document Management Solutions... for everyone.

Whether you manage one location or 5000, insuring that each unit has the right order form, the updated script, the current marketing initiatives —the information that drives business forward — can be daunting without a great set of tools.

Finding effective solutions for managing business data is one of biggest obstacle businesses encounter in reducing costs, improving service and increasing productivity. Companies around the world have realized that manual and paper-based processes for managing mission critical documents and files are inefficient and expensive.

Uni-Data eFileCabinet hosting  offers eFileCabinet's suite of Electronic Content Management (ECM) products and services in the Cloud to help businesses and individuals work quicker, smarter and more collaboratively. More than 22,000 users worldwide rely on eFileCabinet solutions to store, share and protect their valuable and confidential business data assets.

eFileCabinet's several core products are designed to address essential business data needs including eFileCabinet, an EDM solution to store and manage important business documents, SecureDrawer, a client portal/file sharing service to share and collaborate and Concentus Online Backup to protect documents and files in a secure, online repository.

eFileCabinet products and services are pre-installed on Uni-Data's Cloud and are available on a per user/per month subscription basis. They're easy to maintain, while delivering a quick and measurable return on investment — they're used by thousands of companies and a variety of diverse industries:


  • Staffing
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Floral
  • Grocery
  • Salvage Co.
  • Food processing
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Churches
  • Collections
  • Real Estate
  • Pension Administrators
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Health & Beauty
  • Property Management
  • Satellite/Cable Retailers
  • HVAC
  • Restaurant
  • Non-Profit 

Uni-Data is a leader in Cloud Computing Solutions for franchisors, delivering a wide variety of Cloud-based solutions, including:

    eFileCabinet document management
    Intuit QuickBooks: Authorized Commercial Hosting of QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise
    ClickTime: Employee Time and Expense Management
    Qvinci: Business Intelligence & Reporting QuickBooks Integrated Invoicing and Billing


Right now, thousands of individual workers at thousands of small businesses and franchises do their day-to-day work on virtual desktops housed on servers in Uni-Data's multiple SAS 70 Type II data center facilities. Our engineers and 24 x7 Network Operations Center support them all with secure, discrete workspaces accessible from any internet-accessible computer or smart device. They share their files amongst their appropriately permissioned co-workers, without the need of a file server in their office. They use software that their company either already owned, or has leased from Uni-Data. Their productivity is assured because their workspace is completely supported and constantly available— from any desktop, laptop or smart device (phone or tablet)—with a Uni-Data Managed Services technician always just a call away to assist and guide them in all they do.



eFileCabinet for Accounting

Electronic document management is a fundamental component of the accounting and auditing practices of today. Customers require rapid response service and access to information. Consequently, the physical storage and retrieval of documents becomes time consuming and problematic particularly as practices grow and the volume of documents increases. eFileCabinet is the trusted solution for thousands of accountants nationwide.

Document Storage & Management

Accounting firms are legally required to store and manage substantial amounts of data. From customer correspondence and contracts, to forms and statements, storage space is a premium and immediate access to business critical data is imperative. eFileCabinet for Accounting provides a simple to use, cost effective system to streamline your document storage and management challenges. Paper documents are scanned, stored and managed digitally, allowing firms to dramatically reduce costs and improve service.

Regulatory Compliance

Development of compliance strategies to meet the requirements of IRS Rev Proc 97-22, eSign Act, Department of Labor 29CFR-2520 and other regulations can be complex and demanding. eFileCabinet allows documents created during tax preparation, auditing and administrative tasks to be stored with the appropriate security controls and audit trails. Documents that are effectively categorized and readily available will ease your compliance burdens and ensure business continuity.


For centuries, accounting was a manual process of handwritten entries in journals and ledger books.
The accounting systems of today are highly sophisticated. As a result, the need to employ high level document security becomes crucial in order to protect client confidentiality and maintain legislative compliance. eFileCabinet for Accountants features a progressive security infrastructure that safeguards business data with role based security, administrator controlled permissions and advanced file encryption.



eFileCabinet for Medical

More than any other office environment, medical facilities are required to ensure the highest level of document management and security as they comply with strict HIPAA regulations. Patients expect it. Federal legislation requires it.

eFileCabinet for Medical is an easy to implement, electronic document management system that helps hospitals, medical offices, pharmacies and clinics increase operational efficiencies and maintain regulatory compliance. eFileCabinet captures paper documents digitally, manages them in secure, structured folder environments and includes intelligent search and retrieval tools that translate to quicker response time and improved customer service.

eFileCabinet is easily integrated into existing office processes and delivers the power to get organized, increase productivity and focus your efforts and attention on what matters most - your patients. Every health care facility and department within, regardless of size, will benefit from the ease of use and improved client service eFileCabinet brings including: 

Admissions Charting Registration
Human Resources Accounting Purchasing
Prescriptions Administration Payroll

eFileCabinet Integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (PM)

eFileCabinet recently announced the integration of its electronic document management system with certified Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (PM) systems which are used by thousands of medical offices nationwide. eFileCabinet has leveraged X-Link middleware to bridge the gap between the EMR system and the rest of the office. The integration helps medical offices streamline their paper processes  and meet HIPAA regulatory requirements.

eFileCabinet augments the collection of patient information by EMR systems with electronic documents for a complete medical record. By capturing documents gathered from multiple sources, eFileCabinet allows office staff to scan, store and manage lab reports, prescriptions, orders, intake forms, insurance information and other documents quickly and easily. HIPAA compliance is maintained by ensuring confidential medical records are stored and controlled for rapid and accurate accessibility, distribution, tracking and reporting.

Click here for a full list of EMR systems that integrate with the eFileCabinet system.

Security & Compliance

Medical offices must employ advanced document security in order to protect patient confidentiality and maintain regulatory compliance. eFileCabinet features a sophisticated security infrastructure that stores data in a central electronic repository with administrator granted permissions and access. Additionally, eFileCabinet promotes HIPAA compliance by ensuring confidential medical records are stored and controlled for rapid and accurate accessibility distribution, tracking and reporting. The perfect solution to work with existing practice management and electronic patient records applications

Document Management - Single Department or Enterprise Wide

Busy health care facilities process literally thousands of documents each day. As a result, accessing patient records at a moments notice is essential for every office. Locating a patient record, an invoice or a prescription no longer requires a trip to the filing shelf or storage area. eFileCabinet can be deployed and structured to allow a single medical office or multiple offices to retrieve, update and distribute documents simultaneously.



eRecording: Title, Banks & Attorneys

Title companies, banks and attorneys work closely with county courthouses, town clerks and recorders offices to process millions of records each year - a time consuming, labor intensive process with a high margin of human error, particularly when paper is the primary processing method. 

Title companies are legally required to maintain 15 years of records on site. Storage space is at a premium, and immediate access to the most current information is critical. eFileCabinet provides a simple to use, cost effective system to streamline your document storage and management challenges. Paper documents are scanned, stored and managed digitally which translates to reduced costs and improved service. 

Integration with Simplifile 

eFileCabinet has partnered with Utah-based Simplifile  to integrate eFileCabinet's electronic document management solution into the Simplifile eRecording system. The integration offers a simple, affordable way for Simplifile customers to capture, manage and protect valuable title documents. 

What does this mean for Simplifile Customers? 
The eFileCabinet electronic document management system provides an end-to-end solution to securely SCAN, STORE, SEND andMANAGE title documents that are electronically recorded within the Simplifile eRecording system. You'll reap the immediate benefits of advanced eRecording and electronic document management in a seamless, turn-key solution. 

How does eFileCabinet work with Simplifile? 

Paper title documents become electronic in seconds by scanning them directly into the eFileCabinet system. 

Store title documents as indexed PDF files in a secure database repository. Instead of storing multiple documents on your desktop or in Windows folders, the eFileCabinet system makes it easy to organize, access and update files with a few easy clicks. 

When you're ready to submit documents to the recorders office, "Send to Simplifile" is a simple right click 
function that will send the document on its way. 

After documents are recorded and returned, eFileCabinet will automatically archive them for efficient access and management. 


eFileCabinet is built with a sophisticated technical architecture – featuring tools to that assist in maintaining compliance with of all industry regulations including eSign, EUTA and URPERA legislation. eFileCabinet includes role based security that ensures confidential documents are secure and accessible only by the authorized personnel you specify. 

eFileCabinet delivers the following advanced benefits to Title Companies: 
  • Constant trips to the filing cabinet for information are eliminated.
  • Documents are stored in a central repository with administrator granted permissions and access. 
  • Dramatically reduce costs of paper, toner, supplies and storage facilities.
  • Instant document access - multiple users, simultaneously.
  • Documents are protected from natural disasters like fire, flood, earthquake, etc.
  • Maintain security and confidentiality.
  • Improve service and response.




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