Deployment Services

Our experienced technicians can help you with hardware projects at all of your office or retail locations.

Hardware Refresh

3 to 5 years is a typical cycle for replacing hardware like laptops, desktops, even servers. Newer hardware and updated operating systems provide speed boosts and new functionalities, thereby increasing productivity and security.

Moves, Adds, or Changes

While we are all dealing with COVID19, businesses are reconfiguring employee workspaces, cubicles, and office layouts to provide physical distancing to limit person-to-person contact. We can assist with moving and reconnecting computers.

Installs and Decomms

As businesses move their applications to the cloud, old servers and network gear are being decommissioned or repurposed. New servers and network gear are also being installed to support new applications on-prem.

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IT Support

IT Support / Deployments

At Uni-Data and Communications, we pride ourselves in providing First Class IT Support for our clients. We can custom tailor the support engagement to meet your requirements. From PC/Laptop deployments for your employees, to Workstation/Server installs at retail locations across the country, we can help.

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Uni-Data can be the IT Support your business and your employees need, especially during these tough times.

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